Trevor Noah dink ons ​​moet almal jong lesers wees.

Die komediant en ‘Daily Show’ se nuwe boek ‘It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood’ – ‘n verwerking van sy outobiografie vir jong volwassenes – word nie afgewater vir jonger boekwurms nie.

Behalwe dat die taal aangepas word en die verhale in die oorspronklike verhaal vereenvoudig word, is sy memoires vir jong volwassenes grotendeels dieselfde.

‘Al wat ek in die boek verander het, was net hoe ek sekere konsepte beskryf het, maar ek het nie probeer om met jonger lesers neer te praat nie, want ek hou nie daarvan om op my jeug af te praat nie,’ vertel hy Jeremy Hobson van Here & Now. .

Noah se boek vir jong volwassenes is daarop gemik om Amerikaanse kinders ‘n intieme beeld te gee van hoe dit was om in apartheid Suid-Afrika groot te word – en om ‘n diep persoonlike perspektief te gee van hoe rassisme die manier waarop hy homself gesien het, gevorm het.

Hy sê hy hoop dat Amerikaanse kinders wat die boek lees, sal verstaan ​​dat rassisme ‘n al te algemene idee is of ‘n algemene tema wat regoor die wêreld gebeur. ‘

“Ek dink dit is soms lekker om perspektief te hê op hierdie kwessies, net sodat u kan verstaan ​​dat dit nie ‘n unieke probleem is waarmee een land te doen het nie, maar eerder ‘n idee waarmee die samelewing as geheel oor grense heen te make het,” sê Noah.

The Age of Cloud Technologies: Data room

We reside in the age of economics based on expertise. Information is usually an asset today and how we all share it determines the degree of our success. We have progressive changes in the steps for exchanging information. Still, the real enhancements made on the game is among the most emergence of cloud systems.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing, or technologies typically referred to as the cloud, is changing the way information is placed and changed. It has helped us defeat the limits of using the physical device for the purpose of sharing and opened up a complete new dimension of the Net.

Still, cloud computing is usually one of those questions that everyone talks about nonetheless few figure out. Today cloud is common jargon, but many people wonder what is the cloud and how can it work?

The cloud is a digital space that exists relating to the internet. This can be a storage space in which people can place their particular digital methods like software program, applications, and files. And so in simplified form we could say that the cloud is actually a virtual storage devices on the Internet.

Many persons confuse the cloud with all the internet. Even now, the cloud is only part of the Internet, but is not everything.

How does cloud technology work?

The cloud technology enables people to afford the usage of digital information in the electronic space through networks, frequently satellite sites. This enables individuals to exchange facts and applications over the Internet with no restricting the physical position.

There’s a lot of flap about cloud computing and that is understandable. Cloud computing gives some important benefits that are hard to ignore. The modern economy needs employees to get the knowledge to do business with colleagues coming from different remote control locations. Cloud computing assists in the exchange and access to digital resources from all parts on the planet. This leads to better collaboration between your global clubs.

Cloud calculating eliminates the advantages of physical hardware for the purpose of storage area. This in turn reduces the company’s purchase costs. In that case these cash can be given to innovations or perhaps research and development in order to break fresh ground and for success.

Computer software can be high-priced to buy for small businesses still trying to find their very own support. Instead, these companies can use the software based upon the charges pertaining to using it from your cloud. It can more like renting services rather than buying them

Organizations of most sizes need to invest in tragedy recovery records. But it will take money and experience, which usually small businesses sometimes lack. The cloud enables backup and recovery methods to be executed at minimal cost minus problems.

Probably the most successful systems is the technology of digital data areas.

VDR provider can be security and availability

Service providers protect IT devices (servers, routers, cables, etc. ) from not authorized access, theft, obstacles, fires, etc . Various problems details security and data safety have a high level of protection and consistency assures that consumers can have their data and applications, that all crucial data is encrypted which only permitted users can access their data in general. Additionally , digital IDS and sign in information are protected, as is all data that the provider collects or builds about the customer’s activities.

Independent People

Independent People

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Independent People (IcelandicSjálfstætt fólk) is an epic novel by Nobel laureate Halldór Laxness, originally published in two volumes in 1934 and 1935; literally the title means “Self-standing [i.e. self-reliant] folk”. It deals with the struggle of poor Icelandic farmers in the early 20th century, only freed from debt bondage in the last generation, and surviving on isolated crofts in an inhospitable landscape.

The novel is considered among the foremost examples of social realism in Icelandic fiction in the 1930s. It is an indictment of materialism, the cost of the self-reliant spirit to relationships, and capitalism itself. This book, along with several other major novels, helped Laxness win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1955.

Independent People
AuthorHalldór Laxness
Original titleSjálfstætt fólk
TranslatorJ. A. Thompson
PublisherVintage Books
Publication date1934 (Part I), 1935 (Part II)
Published in English1945
Media typePrint (Paperback)
Pages544 pp (first English edition)
Dewey Decimal839/.6934 20
LC ClassPT7511.L3 S52313 1997

Independent People (IcelandicSjálfstætt fólk) is an epic novel by Nobel laureate Halldór Laxness, originally published in two volumes in 1934 and 1935; literally the title means “Self-standing [i.e. self-reliant] folk”. It deals with the struggle of poor Icelandic farmers in the early 20th century, only freed from debt bondage in the last generation, and surviving on isolated crofts in an inhospitable landscape.

The novel is considered among the foremost examples of social realism in Icelandic fiction in the 1930s. It is an indictment of materialism, the cost of the self-reliant spirit to relationships, and capitalism itself. This book, along with several other major novels, helped Laxness win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1955.

Plot summary

Independent People is the story of the sheep farmer Guðbjartur Jónsson, generally known in the novel as Bjartur of Summerhouses, and his struggle for independence.

The “first chapter summons up the days when the world was first settled, in 874 AD—for that is the year when the Norsemen arrived in Iceland, and one of the book’s wry conceits is that no other world but Iceland exists. … The book is set in the early decades of the twentieth century but … Independent People is a pointedly timeless tale. It reminds us that life on an Icelandic croft had scarcely altered over a millennium”.As the story begins, Bjartur (“bright” or “fair”) has recently managed to put down the first payment on his own farm, after eighteen years working as a shepherd at Útirauðsmýri, the home of the well-to-do local bailiff, a man he detests. The land that he buys is said to be cursed by Saint Columba, referred to as “the fiend Kolumkilli”,and haunted by an evil woman named Gunnvör, who made a pact with Kólumkilli.

Defiantly, Bjartur refuses to add a stone to Gunnvör’s cairn to appease her, and in his optimism also changes the name of the farm from Winterhouses to Summerhouses. He is also newly wed to a young woman called Rósa, a fellow worker at Rauðsmýri, and is determined that they should live as independent people.

However, Rósa is miserable in her new home, which does not compare well to the luxury she was used to at Rauðsmýri. Bjartur also discovers that she is pregnant by Ingólfur Arnarson Jónsson, the son of the bailiff. In the autumn, Bjartur and the other men of the district ride up into the mountains on the annual sheep round-up, leaving Rósa behind with a gimmer to keep her company. Terrified by a storm one night, desperate for meat and convinced that the gimmer is possessed by the devil, Rósa kills and eats the animal.

When Bjartur returns, he assumes that Rósa has set the animal loose. When he cannot find her when it comes time to put the sheep inside for the winter, he once more leaves his wife, by now heavily pregnant, to search the mountains for the gimmer. He is delayed by a blizzard, and nearly dies of exposure. On his return to Summerhouses he finds that Rósa has died in childbirth. His dog Titla is curled around the baby girl, still clinging to life due to the warmth of the dog. With help from Rauðsmýri, the child survives; Bjartur decides to raise her as his daughter, and names her Ásta Sóllilja (“beloved sun lily”).

The narrative begins again almost thirteen years later. Bjartur is now remarried to a woman who had been a charity case on the parish, Finna. The other new inhabitants are Hallbera, Finna’s mother, and the three surviving sons of Bjartur’s second marriage: Helgi, Gvendur (Guðmundur) and Nonni (Jón).

The rest of the novel charts the drudgery and the battle for survival of life in Summerhouses, the misery, dreams and rebellions of the inhabitants and what appears to be the curse of Summerhouses taking effect. In the middle of the novel, however, World War I commences and the prices for Icelandic mutton and wool soar, so that even the poorest farmers begin to dream of relief from their poverty. Particularly central is the relationship between Bjartur and Ásta Sóllilja.


The most important theme of the novel is independence, what it means and what it is worth giving up in order to achieve it. Bjartur is a stubborn man, often callous to the point of cruelty in his refusal to swerve from his ideals. Though undoubtedly a principled man, his attitude leads to the death and alienation of those around him.

There are strong economic themes, a discussion of the co-operative movement in Iceland and the exploitation of crofters like Bjartur by Danish merchants and rich Icelanders like Jón the Bailiff.

Independent People also reveals Laxness’s anti-war leanings in a chapter that depicts Icelandic farmers sitting around talking about the economic benefits of the Great War.

The ancient Icelandic sagas and Icelandic folklore are still alive in the stories and fables that the characters live with on a daily basis. The imaginations of the characters are inhabited by elves, ghosts and demons. Bjartur is also a talented poet, a living embodiment of the great oral tradition of the sagas.

“The author’s ironical appraisal is already expressed in the title of the novel, and also in the titles of some of the chapters … : “Free of Debt”, “Years of Prosperity”.


The popular Icelandic poet Hulda wrote the two-volume novel, Dalafólk (People of the Valleys) as a reaction to Independent People. In contrast to Laxness’ bleak view of rural life in Iceland, Hulda presents a somewhat idealized picture of the old manorlike farmsteads.[6]

In her review of the 1997 Vintage International reissue of the novel, Annie Dillard wrote, “The greatest Scandinavians’ work shows opposing strains of lyricism and naturalism… Independent People fits the dual bill: it is a mythic tale — cum Marx.”

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